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1.       In The Clear

2.       Come And Go

3.       On The Prowl

4.       Make Me Wonder

5.       Stale Liquor

6.       Copy Copy Copycat

7.       Soul Searching

8.       Took My Fall

9.       Wanna Go Home

10.     Who Cares

11.     Real Name Real Face

12.     Saving Blood  


Judith Hofstede         vocals

Henri Overduin          vocals

Lili Bell               blues harp

Frans Icke              singing saw & theremin

Gertjan Bakker          keyboards, steel string guitar, bass guitar,


Bart Dieho              steel string guitar, Spanish guitar, percussion


Amsterdam 2020 All songs written and composed by Bart Dieho

Arranged by the Saving Blood Ensemble

Recorded by Gertjan Bakker (YellowKeY Audio & Video Recording)

Produced by Gertjan Bakker and Bart Dieho


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Givin’ It All

  1. Strangeways Prison Blues       
  2. Time Is A Changer                   
  3. Be The One                            
  4. Double Trouble                                  
  5. Forbidden Love                      
  6. Evil Eyes                                 
  7. Fine Words                            
  8. Walking on High-Wire            
  9. Haunt Me                               
  10. Strange Eyes Strong Minds     
  11. Come Back                             
  12. In The Long Run                      
  13. Without A Trace                     
  14. Givin’ It All                              


Ridge Ashmead & Judith Hofstede vocals

Gabri van de Schootbrugge & Bart Dieho guitars

Wim Reynaert bass guitar & Martin van Troost drums

special guest Gertjan Bakker keyboards


Amsterdam 2017 All songs written & composed by Bart Dieho 

Arranged by INSERT

Recorded - semi live by Gertjan Bakker (YellowKeY  Audio & Video Recording) at Melody Line Studio (2013-2015) and The Jam Studios (2016), Amsterdam.

Mix Gertjan Bakker and Bart Dieho